Black Spots on Lips, Causes and Treatments

Lips look good when they are plumped. But, not everyone has such lips. Some people quite often notice an instant discoloration in their lips. Is that pigmentation? Or is it something else? Well, this is something which should be taken care of seriously.

Sudden changing of lip color is not good. It is definitely pointing that something unusual is taking place in your body. Studies have revealed that almost 70% of people notice uneven darkening or black spots on lips.

Uneven things come up with a huge breakdown. The fact is the same as the black spots on lips as well. Is it normal? Well, not really. Do we need to find why actually this happens? What are these black spots on lips? What actually causes black spots on lips? And what are the treatments for this problem? So, here we go with the Introduction.

Introduction – Black Spots on Lips

Are you observing slight discoloration in your lips? Is that really a discoloration or a spot that is small right now and gradually taking place in your lips? They are nothing but small black spots on lips. Dark spots on lips are usually caused by Fordyce.

Not a great matter of concern but they are something that people need to worry about. Uneven brown spots on lips which were never observed earlier are a sign that there is something wrong. Lips are such a beautiful part of our body and no one wants it to be dark and patchy.

Black Spots on Lips Causes

So, it is very important that we must know the reason behind this happening. Everyone must know the causes of black spots on the lips. Here are some of the highlighted causes of this problem.

Black Spots on lips

Deficiency of needed vitamins

Intake of vitamins is very necessary. However, sometimes we just eat junk and fast foods which has low or no vitamins infused into it. This causes uneven darkening in the lips which are usually the brown or black spots on lips. One of the vitamins which are very necessary for skin is B-12.

Vitamin B-12 helps in toning the skin and providing an even tone to it. The sudden darkening of lips and lip discoloration is a result of the deficiency of important vitamins.

Now, one should always consult his/her doctor about the vitamin intake. The doctor will suggest you foods which have more of B-12 in them. Some medicines may also be there in the regular intake. But, it will surely remove the dark spots on the lips.

Excessive intake of Iron

Only eating healthy food doesn’t mean that it is always good for your body. Sometimes the intake of things in excess can lead to problems in your body. Always remember the fact that anything in excess is harmful to us. So, intake of iron in the body is altruistically harmful as it leads to lip discoloration.

Uneven dark spots on the lips which slowly create a place in your lips are due to this. Inhaling or eating excessive iron supplements can lead to brown spots on the lips. Too much iron in the body leads to discoloration in many parts. But, especially since it creates black spots on the lips.

In such a case, diagnosis must be done. The doctor will suggest the best medication to reduce the iron intake. One can also donate blood by consulting the doctor so that the presence of iron is reduced to some extent.

Lack of moisture

Deficiency of water can lead to dry and chapped lips which are a reason of black spots appearing on lips. Lack of moisture is often referred to as Dehydration. Dehydrated lips can cause brown spots which look really bad on the lips. Lack of liquid in the diet speaks that you are not having a balanced diet.

Dehydration or lack of suppleness or moisture is due to less intake of fluids or water. So, due to this skin may peel off, or lips may become extra dry and chapped.

Avoid such situations by having the good 7-8 glass of water in a day. Also, try to have more fluids such as juices, and shakes which are healthy. This will ultimately reduce dehydration and prevent the black spots on the lips.

Brown Spots on Lips

Undisruptive skin issues

Hyperpigmentation or Melasma is a skin issue which does not harm you internally. But, that looks really ugly when it is visible in front of people.

Hyperpigmentation is basically the uneven skin tone. Some parts or a little area of the face or body becomes brownish or greyish. This happens usually around the lip area and the lips, in turn, become dry and brownish. This instantly leads to black spots on the lips.

Some patches or dryness may also be visible in the lip area. The solution to this problem requires the consultation with a Qualified Dermatologist. He is the one who can indicate the medications which will ultimately reduce hyperpigmentation

Sunspots may be there

Are you aware of sunspot? Well, the lips may feel a little itchy and red sometimes. This may be due to the sunspots. The sunspots are usually reddish in color. The sunspot is also a cause of black spots on lips. It has the capacity to damage the lips.

Reduce Black spots on lips

Unwanted medications

Some medicines are found which can lead to a change in the color of your skin. It may adversely affect the color of your skin may it be your lips or any other part. Taking certain medications like Phenytek and Nexterone may change the color of your lips leading to black spots on the lips. These medications should not be taken without the consultation of a doctor.

Treatments or Remedies to get rid of Black spots on lips

So, these were a bunch of causes of Black spots on lips. Why are they actually caused? But, there’s nothing to worry. It is because these causes can be reduced or even eliminated from the era. There are some effective remedies which actually work like a PRO. They help in reducing or even stopping the appearance of black spots on lips. Here are some of the treatments or remedies which people can try.

Avoid iron intake

As mentioned earlier, excessive iron intake may lead to black or brown spots on the lips. But, they can be reduced slowly and gradually by reducing the intake of iron. Avoid eating food which has more iron content in it.

Say no to hot food

Foods preserved in the refrigerator are not loved by anyone. People want hot and delicious food cooked in the microwave. But, eating hot food is also a reason why dark patches or black spots appear on the lips. Try to avoid or stop eating extremely or even little hot food. When it is lukewarm then go and grab all of it.

Dark spots on lips

DIY’s Lover. This one is for you

Nowadays, people are digging into DIY’s like anything. They love trying simple remedies and DIY. And, most important some of them really work. One such DIY which helps in removing black spots on lips is Lemon Scrub. Mix a bit of lemon juice with sugar and use it as a scrub for your lips. It will work like a magic.

Drink lots and lots of water

Dehydration was a cause of dark spots on lips as mentioned above. To overcome that problem, drink plenty of water. Increase the intake of fluids and you will notice a visible difference in the condition of black spots on the lips.

Evergreen lip balms

Excessive sun exposure is also a reason why dark spots appear on our lips. To eliminate those spots use a lip balm. A good lip balm which has SPF in it is amazing. It will protect your lips plus the presence of SPF will protect the lips from the harmful rays of the sun. It will eliminate the black spots slowly and gradually.

Avoid using expired products

Many people have this understanding that lip products like lip balms or lipsticks are never expired. But, to the fact is something else. Expired products can lead to black spots on lips which is very shameful and embarrassing so, one must always keep in mind this thing. Never ever use expired lip products. They may lead to infection in your lips.

Exfoliation is the Key

To get rid of black spots on the lips, one must always exfoliate their lips. Exfoliation is the key, my friends. You must always exfoliate your lips twice or thrice a week. Exfoliation helps to remove dark spots on lips. It reduces the dead skin on the lips and creates beautiful and plump lips. The dead skin cells present in the lips are eliminated only because of exfoliation.

A balanced diet is a must

Nothing works, if a proper balanced diet is not taken. It is very important to include fruits and healthy vegetable in your diet. Nothing works until and unless one is particular about his/her diet plans. Avoid oily and junk food and try to incorporate veggies and salad in your balanced diet. This will help a lot in reducing those black/brown spots on the lips.

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