Dent in skull – Common Causes & Possible treatments

Taking care of the body and health, in general, is usually underestimated. However, serious causes such as accidents, mishaps or any unfortunate event can lead to serious injuries which take a lot of time when it comes to recovery. Skull fracture is technically one of the most common occurrences when there has been a serious accident or event. The fracture is because of the strong blow that induces the skull to break. On the other hand, a dent in the skull is an abnormal condition. It is possible that your body has been undergoing a severe Vitamin A toxicity phase or just Gorham’s Disease. In simple layman terms, it means that the vascular tissues in your skull go haywire and make your skull distorted which is not desirable under any circumstances. Turning bones in to vascular tissues is a serious problem and should be attended to immediately.

What causes that dent in the skull?

Dent is usually not very common and doesn’t occur in many individuals. However, whenever it does, it only makes one wonder what could have caused it or how could anything like this happen in general. It is nothing like cancer, or it is not caused because of any injury. Skull deformities are really rare and the complication can be detected at birth too.

Dent in the skull could be because you were exposed to copious amounts of Vitamin A when you were an infant.

It could be because you had a traumatic injury which could have pushed the fragments of the bone against the brain.

It could be because of the Gorham’s Disease. Also known as the Phantom Bone Disease or the Vanishing bone disease given that the bone structure starts getting replaced by the vascular tissues.

What exactly is Gorham’s Disease?

The disease is caused when blood vessels tend to grow by dissolving the bone cells. Have you ever noticed that few people have purple birthmarks called haemangioma? Well, Gorham disease is something similar but in the bones. We have blood vessels which are categorized into smaller units. One unit is known as the capillary. These capillaries tend to grow inside the bone. Now, it is a tiny blood vessel and doesn’t have enough room to allow circulation blood. So, as a result of this, to accommodate the blood flow and expansion in general, it tends to grow inside the bone. Now as it expands, the oxygen supply should be fine. However, there are obstructions due to their smaller size and it tends to lack oxygen content. The pH levels are low, and the components are more acidic that it actually should be.

This acid content in the bone makes it easier for the bone to dissolve and loosen it up. As it becomes loose, it tends to cause a process a granulation. The accelerated process of granulation helps the blood vessels heal faster than it heals the bones. This causes further damage to the bones which is responsible when it comes to destroying it completely.

It might sound like a case of osteoporosis, but it is different. Osteoporosis is caused due to deficiency of Vitamin D and wear and tear of bones. However, the similar treatments can be applied in these cases as well.

Now, one must be wondering, what is the case with these bones?

Aren’t capillaries really tiny?

Well, it is true that the capillaries are tiny, but they are in a bunch. The damage cause by a single capillary is minimal. But when there are thousands of them together, it can lead to a permanent dent in the bone structure. In purely medical terms, you can actually detect the disease before the dent starts forming for real.

What are the symptoms of the Skull dent? How do I know before it becomes serious?

Skull Structure
Skull Structure

The symptoms are a great way to detect any medical condition even before it starts becoming critical. Skull dent can also be detected if you keep an eye out for them. You should visit the doctor as soon as you start feeling uneasy at any given point in time. This helps you detect the condition no sooner than ever such that you can get started with the treatment. Bone disorders should not be left unattended for it forms the basic structure of the human body. Coming to the symptoms of the skull dent, you could experience any one of the following. Analysing the stage you should be able to recognize the criticality of the issue.

  • The initial signs of the bone disease are a dull headache. It feels as if someone hit you on the head or you had a collision somewhere on the head.
  • There could be signs of weaknesses. It could be such that you might be eating well, working out and leading a healthy life. But there would be instances where you feel weak and there is no probable reason or explanation for it. This can happen due to the progression of the damages in the skull where the calcium content gets impacted drastically.
  • There could be instances where the skull just fractures on its own due to no reason at all which is a sign of obvious danger.

Is it curable? How do you stop it?

As discussed earlier, there are ways to cure the condition like doctor’s cure osteoporosis. But what if the condition is too serious? How do you go about it?

There are four plausible treatments that can be recommended by an experienced surgeon.

  • Radiation Therapy
  • Alpha 2-B Interferon
  • Anti-osteoplastic medications
  • Surgical reconstruction of the brain in case of a fracture.

Depending o the seriousness of the situation, you could be advised either of the above solutions such that you can lead on a normal and healthy life.

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