Lump in Butt : Causes, Symptoms & Treatment Fully Explained

A lump is referred to as a compact mass of substance. Lumps can be appeared due to skin infections, usually bacterial. It starts deep inside the skin.
Usually, they look like little, red bumps on the skin and over time they fill with pus. They often occur on the buttock, which is our topic today. Lumps in the butt are not so common. its most scary lump position beneath your butt it can be more painful. Here we will tell you common reasons why lump on butt occur and once it occurs how to cure it.
Let’s get into its details like causes, symptoms, treatments and so on.


Top Causes of Lump on Butt

most causes of lumps in buttock are Bacterial infections. Staphylococcus aureus is usually the bacterium responsible for lumps.

Moreover, skin which are in folds more prone to infection (e.g. buttock, armpit etc.).  Areas of the body that have hair, sweat and friction are more likely to bacterial infections.

Here we discuss about the top causes for the lump in the butt.


It’s a skin disease which is not so much serious to think about. It is caused by the virus which infects the top layer of skin. They are contagious. and the best part is its painless lump.

Symptoms of wart

  • Painless Butt lump
  • skin-colored butt bump
  • scaly butt bump


I would suggest you to leave your Lump as it is because it will automatically disappear after some time. it’s painless so it won’t hurt you. and most of the time wart doesn’t need a cure but still, you can use salicylic acid and cryotherapy (freezing) method to cure fast.

Skin abscess

It’s a kind of skin infection which occurs typically in the deeper skin. and it’s totally opposite to wart because its painful, scary and harmful too. and the scariest thing is its occur on your butts. it happens due to bad bacteria inside.

Symptoms on Skin abscess on butt

  • painful butt lump
  • pink or red butt bump (Most common)
  • marble-sized butt lump
  • yellow or white butt lump.


Treatments of an abscess include incision and drainage. Which should be performed by the physician. And he can likely be prescribed you with antibiotics. Do not try to drain it yourself it might cause infection.


Lipoma is caused by the growth of fatty tissue which is non-cancerous. So, you have nothing to worry about. A lipoma can develop almost in any part of the body or organ. Generally, they are mostly found in the subcutaneous layer just below the skin.


  • Skin colored butt lump
  • Small butt lump
  • Marble sized butt lump


Actually, you do not need any treatment for this. It’s completely benign in nature. If you face any trouble with this you can consult with your doctor. or if you want to remove it completely then a doctor can cut or burn it off.

Skin Cyst

Epidermis cyst can be defined as a closed sac under the skin filled with a cheese-like or oily material. Generally trauma or surgery causing cyst.


  • Skin colored butt lump
  • Small butt lump
  • Marble sized butt lump


Generally, no treatment required because it’s completely benign. But if you like to remove it, your doctor can cut out the cyst.


Boils are similarly like acne but they produce pocket in the hair follicle and they are full of pus. It’s painful as well. It’s very uncommon.


  • Pink or red butt lump.
  • Painful butt lump.


They usually drain by itself. But you can take help of a physician to drain them.


Finally if any complication you are facing, consult with your doctor.

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