Lump on Calf – Common Causes, Symptoms & Treatment 

Any kind of lump anywhere in the body can be really scary. Not only does it set off an alarming bell in the head but also triggers a chain of thoughts which are mostly directed towards a terminal disease. But instead of panicking, you need to take control of the situation and understand, what could be causing the lump in the first place. It is possible that it could because of a muscle knot or it could border on something serious. If you have been trying to explore the possibilities of what could possibly cause that lump on your legs or calf or the shin region, we are here to help you out.

What is a Lump? How is it Different From a Bump?

A lump formed and a bump is two different things. You need to make sure what condition you want a top treat in the first place. A lump, by medical definition, is a compact mass which is irregular in shape. You might have heard of lumps getting detected in breasts, backs, shoulders, butts so on and so forth. Not all lumps are cancerous.

These lumps can be formed due to excessive physical activities, training or even trauma. It is a good piece of news if you could associate this with any of the former. In case, the above turn out to be true, you can always go for the regular remedies such as ice compression, resting for a while, keep the area elevated such that the pain recedes easily, so on and so forth.

Are lumps in Calf Dangerous?

The lumps which are not-so-serious are usually easy to identify. These lumps are usually soft, they are mobile in nature that is they can dislocate from the place of detection, it is located in the epidermis only and not rooted deep within. They tend to grow large and painful once you have started any activity, but then it tends to reduce in size and the pain subsides once you take proper rest.

The most common causes of lumps are cysts. It is usually a fluid-filled mass which can be painful at times, tends to appear behind the knees or the calf area. The joints and the tendons which are usually effective in ensuring motion, tend to get inflamed which can be quite challenging. Swelling in the tendons can also be termed as tendonitis, which is enlarging of the lymph nodes. It can be because of a local infection or also because of chronic disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Bumps on the other hand form on top of the skin instead of lying underneath the skin like lumps. It is moveable because of it soft in nature. It could get tougher and calloused due to external conditions as well. Not only now you can differentiate between a lump and a bump, but also identify it safely without getting discombobulated.

What Causes a lump in Calf?

Lumps can be caused for multiple reasons. Let’s explore a few possibilities which are the major known reasons for causing one in the first place.


A cyst is usually non-cancerous. A huge lump or bump can give you nightmares but fret not because it is only over exaggerated. Cysts can appear anywhere on the body. It could be because the sebaceous glans are clogged or some internal infection which is unknown as of now. It is not serious and can be treated easily. Cysts is not painful, smooth to the touch and grows slowly.

You should not about it and can leave it alone. It could, however, grow and rupture which can be a painful ordeal. It can also give rise to other infections which are not desirable. Lump on the calf can be treated easily. All you need to do is visit your doctor and get that consultation.

The cyst, if detected to be infectious or harmful, can be scrapped with a scalpel which helps you get rid of the trouble. A cortisone injection is administered at times to see if the cyst size reduces on it own.

Cysts have a lower shelf life and go away on their own. People tend to get them removed for their own peace of mind and staying clear of any deformations that impact the body generally.


The name sounds complex, doesn’t it? Well, it is not dangerous or harmful in any case. The condition explains a red skin structure which grows on the arms and legs, especially the calf area. It can feel like a hard mass on the skin or more like a lump which can be more or less round in shape. It is associated with pain most of the time. Dermatofibroma could cause you to twitch and be uncomfortable as well. Most of the time, however, it is usually painless.


There is no possible explanation as to where do these arise from, but it does and has a possible cure to which is readily available. The area can be frozen off with liquid nitrogen and can be disintegrated with the help of a surgery. Not only do you get a scar less treatment but also get rid of any deformations which might be caused because of regular surgery.

Cysts on the epidermis

Epidermoid cysts or the sebaceous cysts are usually referred to non-cancerous masses. It is usually formed on the delicate skin area of the body such as your legs, arms, back, chest and even the genitals. Whenever you have out punched a hair follicle, it forms an epidermoid cyst. It can tend to become red and swollen. It is also possible that it discharges white fluid.

Cysts on the epidermis
Cysts on the epidermis

To treat it, the doctor removes the entire sac of cysts such that it doesn’t re-appear. As a minimum invasive procedure, the sac gets drained easily and can be removed too. In case of any external infections, doctors tend to prescribe a dosage of antibiotics which heal it within no time.


The skin has multiple layers. The subcutaneous layer can get a tumor development which is known as lipoma in the calf area of the leg. It feels like a soft rubber ball and is usually not very painful. It can be removed via surgery. Lumps caused by lipoma is not infectious or harmful in any case.


However, if it gets compressed against the nerves, it could cause minimum pain. The minimal invasive process to remove it has been instrumental in leaving behind a scar less skin such that you can carry on with your everyday activities.

What are the Symptoms of a lump on Calf?

A lump develops because of infections, internal growth, inflammations and the likes. It is not painful; it is not usually very visible in the initial stages. However, you should take care of any developments in the body. As you touch yourself for inspection purposes, notice any deformities in the body, it should be consulted with the doctors immediately. The sooner you find it the better it is. It could appear as a red round mass or a mass beneath the skin. It is usually not harmful, but to stay on a safer side, you should be careful enough to take care of the same.

How to treat the lumps on Calf?

Most of the time doctors understand the nature of the lump and get rid of it surgically. However, sometimes, it could be complex where a biopsy might be required. A tumor kind of a bump or a lump might require invasive surgical processes. Or it is possible that the doctor understands the complexity and gets rid of it though minimal invasion. If it is a regular infection causing the lump, antibiotics are recommended to supress it completely. Usually, conditions which cause aesthetic damage to the body are removed instantly by scrapping it through scalpels or just removing it by disintegrating with liquid nitrogen.

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