One Swollen Tonsil No Pain – Causes & Treatment Options

Tonsil can be caused because of multiple reasons. It could either be because of bacterial infections or just generic allergies. When tonsil tends to get inflamed such that it prevents you from swallowing or even talking, it is recommended that you seek instant medical help.

Curing tonsils are important in order to avoid causing one any kind of discomfort. As ignorant individuals, we tend to put the symptoms aside and tend to go through the pain. However, this could cause subsequent damage which is unwarranted.

The tonsils are located near the throat on either side. Not only do these tonsils have a crucial role in preventing the body from infections but also have WBC or white blood cells which are known to fight foreign invaders in the body. In case you have developed a tonsil and there is no pain whatsoever, it could be because of the defence mechanism that the body implements.

The Different Symptoms of tonsil and no pain

No disease is free from signs and symptoms. Being aware of the same allows you to seek treatment immediately without any extra hassles or complications. Tonsils and no pain are usually accompanied by the following symptoms.

  • Foul smells: if you have brushed your teeth and cleaned your mouth, and still are able to get a foul smell or feeling in the mouth, it could be because of the tonsils that have inflamed. Bad breath is one of the leading signs of tonsils and that is the sign when you should see your doctor.
  • Redness or fever: inflamed tonsils tend to get red which is an obvious sign of infection. This could be accompanied by a fever which is the body’s natural way to ward off infections.
  • Swelling along the sides of the throat: Tonsil inflammation can lead to swelling as well. This is the point of time where you might not experience any pain, still, find it difficult to open your mouth to talk or swallow food items.

Other than the obvious symptoms, you can get other issues such as a headache, sore throat, dizziness, nausea.

What causes tonsils?

Pathogens entering your body are the major causes. It could be bacterial or viral in nature.

  • People with a weaker immune system are more prone to acquiring the disease and more frequently so.
  • Eating super spicy food is another leading cause of tonsils.
  • Food allergies are common, and this could lead to inflaming of the tonsils.

How do you treat tonsils?

Tonsillitis is nothing to be worried about. It is painful. However, the process to treat it is simple and can be tried at home.

  • Antibiotics: in case of bacterial infections doctors tend to recommend antibiotics. They are effective and can be consumed post your meals for better effects.
  • Anti-Inflammatory medication: Inflammation can be painful or painless depending on the condition. In case it is painful and has been causing you discomfort, doctors tend to prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs which heal you of the condition. It also brings down the pain, swelling, redness and lowers the infection levels.
  • Pain killers: Tonsillitis can be a painful ordeal. However, if the pain has been too intense and unbearable, doctors are most likely to prescribe you pain killers such that it gives you instant relief.
  • Tonsillectomy: if the condition of the tonsils is not curable through external medication, then surgery is the last resort. The process of tonsillectomy involves removing of the entire tonsil and is opted for only in extreme cases. Chronic issues in the tonsils can lead to breathing troubles and even cardiac issues.

As a home remedy, gargling with lukewarm salt water is always something you can begin with. Swollen tonsils can be treated only if you see the doctor as soon as you start noticing these symptoms.

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