Orange Diarrhea – Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Health should always be the top-notch priority. However, ever changing lifestyle and food habits take a toll on the digestive health in general. It could be such that you could be allergic to a few products or intolerant to a few which could cause severe issues in the entire system. It could something like acid reflux or even lactose intolerance which can impact your health in general.

What does your poop say about your health?

If your body is trying to recuperate from kind of infection or condition, it is easy to detect from the color of your stool. The color and texture of stool is highly helpful in predicting what your body is going through. There are times when you pass your bowels normally, sometimes a condition like constipation can cause it to harden making it difficult to pass, so on and so forth. There are several things that the color tells too.

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Are you Suffering From Orange diarrhea?

If you are going through this particular post, you probably have been troubled by diarrhea on more than one occasion recently. If the color has been orange, you are at the right place. The colored stool is one of the scariest conditions and is enough to give people nightmares in general. Whenever you pass your bowels, orange is probably the last color that comes to your mind. But what do you do if your poop is orange?

Don’t Be Scared. It Could Be Because Of Multiple Reasons

Well, instead of getting scared and thinking the possible causes, read on for you get a clear picture of what it could be about. There are no two thoughts about it that orange poop is a scary symptom and needs to be taken care of immediately. In case you have GERD or acid reflux as an issue that has been diagnosed medically, it could be a reason that your poop turns out to be orange in the morning.

How Does the Color Change?

Stool color is greatly impacted by what you have been eating or how your digestive process is taking place. Is there a balance of the enzymes that get released to aid digestion? Is there an overdose of secretion in your digestive bag? The color of the stool tends to change as it makes it course through the digestive tract. In general, the poop is expected to be brown in color.

It could happen that you have been passing green bowels, which could be because you ate a lot of spinach for dinner. It could be dark in color which can mean that you might be bleeding somewhere in the digestive tract which imparts that particular color and the likes.

But Why Does Your Poop Turn Orange?

It is possible that your poop color gets influenced by the kind of food that you have been consuming. If you have been eating too many supplements that are rich in carotenes(beta), then there are chances that that could be causing your poop to turn orange.

Medications and particular food items cause the stool to turn orange. It may include vegetables such as kale, apricots, turnips and their greens, carrots, cilantro, sweet potatoes, winter squash, so on and so forth. Carotenoids are major components in these food products and can get released during the digestive process. This causes the digestive juices to process it and colour it in the digestive tract itself. Food items containing orange food colouring are also responsible for giving that distinct colour to the bowels.

You could try and stop consuming foods from external sources or the ones mentioned in the list to see if that is the reason why you have been passing orange stool of late. If the colour changes after a while, say a week or two, there is huge possibility that it was only because of the diet. Given that you can eliminate these food items from the diet and revert to a normal life. You can continue those food items but in moderation such that you do not go back to such situations.

Is There a Possibility That It Could Be Because of Digestive Problems?

Diet can be a major issue when it comes to young and healthy people. However, as you grow older, there is a possibility that it could be because of digestive issues. There is a possibility that the system is not absorbing enough bile salt which could cause it to turn orange. One might question, what does bile have to do with it.

Well, bile is the enzyme that is secreted by the liver which gives a distinct yellow or dark brown color to the poop. If the poop turns out to be any other color, then there is a huge possibility that the bile is not getting absorbed enough. Therefore, it is recommended that if the poop color is anything different than dark brown, you should see a doctor immediately given that it is a sign of severe digestive issues.

Additionally, GERD is one of the major causes why your poop might be orange. Acid reflux or heartburn can cause the bile to rise up the food pipe which if left untreated can lead to esophageal cancer. It could feel like a sore throat or a choking sensation and needs immediate attention. But, there is nothing to scared about GERD because it is treatable through generic lifestyle changes and medication. Nevertheless, if you are over 40, it could be the irritable bowel syndrome which could be causing the issue.

Other than these, high consumption of vitamin A supplements, antacids, parasitic infections, et al can cause your poop to turn orange giving it that distinct color. Ensure that you steer clear of over-dosing on these relief medications such that you do not come across unpleasant situations.

When Should You Be Seeking Medical Advice?

If you haven’t been eating any of the above-mentioned foods, or have been consuming any of those medical supplements, you should immediately see a doctor before the situation turns worse. Moreover, the symptoms are usually accompanied by pain, digestive problems, nausea, weakness, dizziness, etc. you should see a doctor immediately as soon as you experience these symptoms coupled with the orange colored poop. The sooner you see a doctor, the easier it becomes to treat it post diagnosis.

How Does One Go About Treating the Orange Stool Problem?

Treating orange stool issue due to the diet can be fixed easily. It could be done by simply changing what you have been eating and waiting for the poop to change its colour over a fair period. It is easier said than done that you might be used to the food that you have been consuming, but to steer clear of any bowel issues, you can create a few lifestyle changes which will help you in the long run.

If the problem has been arising out of GERD or irritable bowel syndrome, you can get it diagnosed easily with the help of a doctor who can advise you what changes to make in the lifestyle or the diet. This is coupled with medication which can go on for a while which helps you steer clear of the stool problems.

As a part of the diet, you can avoid too much sweet or salty food items. You need to avoid junk food, alcohol, and anything too oily. Alcohol in general has to be avoided completely because it tends to impact the bile generated in the liver which can cause further problems.

Along with dietary changes you get prescribed drugs which help you provide relief instantly. The medication aims at reducing the stomach acid. This helps prevent the reflux action. It not only makes you feel better instantly but also provides instant relief.

If medication is not an option for you, you can always make a solution of baking soda and consume it for settling that heart burn in no time. Baking soda being basic in nature, helps you combat acidity problems within a short span.

One needs to be careful about the fact that over-dosing on vitamin A or antacids can also cause trouble. Therefore, steer clear of the former if you are on specific medication for GERD or even the irritable bowel syndrome. The diagnosis and subsequent medication helps you battle the stool issue and gradually the colour should be back to normal.


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